Under a tree.

•June 20, 2011 • 2 Comments

I like to start my day off by sitting under a tree contemplating life and praying. I figured that starting my new photo blog off by sitting under a tree, metaphorically, would give you all a small taste of what’s to come. I have a ton of photo shoots that I have been dying to post somewhere other than my old class blog for my photo 120 class (which can be viewed at the following: http://www.carlygrote.wordpress.com) so stay tuned for that.
First off, let me just say, Facebook is pretty lame for posting pictures. Your friends can scroll through them and they may “like” them or leave a comment and then move on to the next one, but there is just something so amazing about really being able to sit and contemplate a photograph. So, I challenge you to sit and contemplate, not only the photographs you find here, but any photograph you see from now on, even the photograph in your living room of you and your family. Ponder what that moment was all about, what it could mean, and what it does mean. What does the photograph make you feel.

And without further adieu, I present Under a Tree, a two photo set of self portraits. Enjoy.